Welcome to the REZON AY 


In every of my masterclasses I will include and state genuine experience from myself, which you probably already read on here, being a Professional Fortnite Player is not only to play it includes a lot more things which you will find in every Category of my different Masterclasses.


Welcome to the Rezon ay MasterClass

Top Player, Rezon from the highest performing region join forces to create a Masterclass: course curated from years of experience, playing at the highest level. All of this combined knowledge will be shared and broken down for you so that you can achieve your goals.

See through the eyes of top players from Europe and North America. Her, we break down, how we and other pros see the game: what drives and dictates our split second decisions in game, and how I have stayed at the top of player ranking and what daily practices are essential for improvement.


Duo Masterclass

25€ Lifetime Access

Solo Masterclass

25€ Lifetime Access

How to Fight Masterclass

25€ Lifetime Access