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Welcome to Rezon x Cented MasterClass

Top Players, Rezon and Cented, from the highest performing region join forces to create a Masterclass: Course curated from years of experience, playing at the highest level. All of this combined knowledge will be shared and broken down for you so you can achieve your goals.
What is Masterclass? Born from a shared passion and love for the Game, Rezon and I Cented want to cultivate an eSports community that plays and competes at the highest level. Being at the top can be lonely and we want to share experience with you.

See through the eyes of top players from Europe North America-East. Here, we break down how we see the game:what drives and dictates our split-second dicisions in game and how we┬┤ve stayed at the top of player ranking, and what daily practices are essential for improvement


About the masterclass and why I do this. I mainly do this to educate a lot of people in the game, I dont want the game to die and I want to give the best tips I have as a pro and a person to the people out there. This has always been my dream getting into esports and then educating some people later and I think this is the best way to do it. I saw in a lot of Masterclasses as well not only in Fortnite but also in Valorant that people say that you should play 10 hours a day and you will get the best, which is just wrong and I wanna prove that.